Recommended The Best 2013 Mustang Exhausts

Here I will be talking about some best exhausts for mustangs from 2011-2014. So, it’s not just 2013. Most of the exhausts I have picked here are compatible with 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. But while you will install it, some of them need a little bit of adjustment.

While I have chosen these exhausts, I also kept in my consideration two main factors; sound and performance. And for that reason, you will find here both cat-back and axle back exhausts.

1. Flow FX 2.25 inch Exhaust Muffler

This is the one I would like to recommend to those who are looking to buy a compact-size exhaust muffler in a very affordable price range. The flow size is 2.25 inches. Furthermore, the material used in this product is stainless steel. The configuration type is pretty easy as it provides a universal fit to your vehicle. To add, the other traits of this product are quite directional and can be identified or mounted as a welded bracket and it weighs around 10.6 pounds. Now the sound part creates moderate sound. According to the real-time experience of a user, it’s not that loud, and not that lower either. It gives a mild and smoother sound. Also, it gives sporty vibes under acceleration.

As you all know about this product now, it is from the brand named Flowmaster and the benefits that this muffler is giving to you are the best there are for this price range. This product delivers all the things which are essential and promised.

Note, you might think if this product can fit in your vehicle then I would suggest you look at the product description accordingly because this muffler is universal so it might not give you a direct fit. You may need some adjustments to fit it.

2. Mustang GT Axle-Back

The product is designed for Mustang 2013 to 2014 models. If you want to Axle back exhaust in mid-range budget, then this is the one you want. This product has some interesting styles to offer. Such as, it has large 4-inch shiny tips and a body which is made of stainless steel for your vehicle to give performance and stylish looks with genuine quality. It has a bigger 3-inch mandrel-bent tubing system so that you can bend this tool as your preference and get maximum performance and flexibility. Moreover, it is promised to give you race-proven outlaw mufflers so that you can get some extra benefits such as good quality sound and an increase in horsepower. From a personal user experience, it has a very nice, clean and deep resonant sound.

I would like to recommend this product to you because it gives you genuine benefits and it offers enough luxury within its price range for you. Also, it adds great value to your Mustang and is not that hard to install. Most importantly, it carries true worth and value for you to upgrade into your vehicle for maximum and classy performance.

3. BORLA S-Type Rear Section Exhaust

The product is particularly made for rear section exhaust for your vehicle which comes at a higher competitive price and provides value for money with premium features. This rear section exhaust has some key features which may be handy for your vehicle. To begin with, it has premium built-in 300-series authentic stainless steel which is best known for scratch resistance. It has a piping width of 2.25 in size. 

The Product is specialised for Mustang V6 2011-14 rear section parts. If you are keen to know about the sound this exhaust makes then I would say it won’t make much difference when your car is idle. When you start the car you will notice a significant sound difference. Then, when you accelerate the sound rises more and it sounds so good. It gives a sports car vibe and no metallic disturbing sound comes out of it.

Now the packaging information of this product comes with a pair inside the box if you order. Also, this product comes with a warranty and the product’s genuinity is guaranteed, so you don’t have to worry you are all covered.

I would strongly suggest you recommend this product to you as it gives excellent quality sound. Moreover, I think this product is cheaper if you compare it with other available products. Most of the user reviews for this product are excellent. A pretty straightforward hassle-free installation system and you get what you asked for. This product will not give you a single reason to regret buying. So, go for it because it is worth your fortune.

4. MBRP Stainless Steel 3inch H-Pipe

This product is perfect for your vehicle if you want to design your vehicle in a more classy way. There might be other reasons for you to use this stainless steel pipe in your car’s body. It’s very light in weight and durable for its body. Also, it is less costly for you. The price is less than two hundred dollars. This product is only compatible with Mustang 2011-14 Mustang GT 5.0L models. It weighs around 12.64 pounds and the pipe is 3 inches in size.


  • More durability
  • Easier installation process
  • Lower cost
  • Environment friendly

I suggest you buy this stainless steel H-Pipe because it could cure some problems you may be facing with your car such as raspiness at higher RPMs, also it provides higher-quality sound. Moreover, it has higher durability and can reduce the excessive weight of your car as well as result in a more advanced or robust exhaust for your vehicle. Without any doubt, You can make it of great use in your 2011-14 Mustang models at such a low price point.

5. DNA MOTORING Stainless Steel Cat Back Exhaust System

This Stainless steel cat-back exhaust system is necessary for your vehicle if you want a better or improved airflow system and increment of your horsepower. This Cat-Back exhaust is compatible with your Ford Mustang 2011-2014 vehicle. It adds value to your car and gives you certain benefits so you get what you need. Also, it has certain features to offer which you might be looking for. Now, let’s see some features it has to offer.

This product is made out of high-quality T-304 stainless steel for better-computerised bend and durability. Moreover, it gives you TIG welded CNC flange for better resistance against force and corrosion. Then, for better enhancing performance it comes with a dyno-proven feature which enhances your horsepower 15-25 and also provides strong deep and smooth sound, in addition, it gives smooth exhaust gas flow increasing your engine efficiency.

The muffler comes with a 3-inch OD mm main piping system and it weighs around 37.3 pounds. When you look at the design you can see that it has larger pipes and lower restriction mufflers.

I would like to recommend this product to you because it gives top-notch improvements to your vehicle. For a start, it comes with an easy installation process with minor cuts and adjustments, more fuel efficiency, louder tones and a stylish appearance because it comes with quality materials.

6. SR Performance Axle-Back Exhaust

This exhaust is very good and recommended if you are looking for specific exhausts with Axle-Back on it. The product is only compatible with Mustang 11-14 models.

To provide you with a more detailed idea of this product it comes with muscle car-inspired sound as well as improving the airflow of your vehicle. The item weighs around 30 pounds. In addition, it has been constructed with aluminized steel with a 2.5inch mandrel bent tubing feature.

This product can bring extra deep exhaust notes specialized for premium sound from your 3.7L v6 engine. The muffler comes with two chambers that could make a muscle car rumble. It also has 3-inch polished stainless steel cut tips for a premium look and sound for your vehicle. You get direct bolts with it for an easier installation process. Additionally, it bolts up in the stock spot with no excess cutting, drilling or modifications for an easygoing installation process.

7. MagnaFlow Exhaust Header

If you are looking for an exhaust header for your vehicle Magnaflow Exhaust Header might be the best option for you. Because it is constructed with stainless steel and gives you OEM emissions with exhaust ports which are highly optimised. Also, it comes with CNC cut 3 by 8-inch flanges. Particularly this product is built with top dedication and delivers power with precision and quality. To know about the sound it creates from a real-time user review I can say that it sounds way good but a less deep but raspier clean and higher

It has more extraordinary traits such as, it is built with high temp titanium with ceramic coating with 16 gauge bent stainless steel tube giving you higher peak performance and amazing sound quality.

Note that the bolts which come with the product will not be an ideal fit for your mustang 2014 GT 5.0 so you may need to get some additional screws or bolts to perfectly fit this exhaust in your vehicle.

I can recommend this product to you because this product will give you quality assurance as this product itself is manufactured by the U.S.A and comes with an affordable price.

8. Flowtech Axle-Back Exhaust System

This specific product is very good and recommendable if you are looking for specific exhausts with Axle-Back on it. It has specific extra features if you compare it with other competitors. It is constructed out of 2.75-inch diameter stainless steel for excess durability and strength for your vehicle. The steel quality is 409-stainless steel certified which means it will resist excess heating issues and will provide you with better oxidation and corrosion resistance.

It has 4-inch 304-grade stainless steel as well as the exhaust tips part. When it comes to looks it looks premium and classy and gives you the vibe of longevity. Moreover, the geometry used for the tip is simply flawless and beneficial for the hassle-free installation process. If your concern is for sound information I can tell you that the product sounds pretty good, not much loud, and not much low either at this price point it exactly delivers what it’s promised for. So, I can tell you that you may go for it.

Differences: Cat-back vs Axle-back

A cat-back exhaust is a great way to improve your car’s performance. It can increase horsepower and torque, and it can also improve fuel economy. It’s a simple modification that anyone can do.

If you’re looking for more power, a cat-back exhaust is a great place to start. It’s a simple modification that can make a big difference. It also makes your car sound better.

If you’re considering a cat-back exhaust, make sure to do your research. There are a lot of different options available, and you want to make sure you choose the right one for your car. I have discussed it in this post. So, please keep reading.

Take your time and make sure you choose the right cat-back exhaust for your car. It’s a simple modification that can make a big difference in your car’s performance.

An axle-back exhaust is a great way to improve the sound and volume of your Mustang. It actually works to enhance the sound of your mustang. There are many different styles and brands of axle-backs, so you can find one that fits your driving style and your budget.

So, the main difference between these two is that cat-back improves the sound and performance whether the axle back improves sound.

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Important facts to know while you are getting an exhaust for you Mustang


While you are planning to get an exhaust for your Mustang, you should think about the quality of the exhaust. This will actually depend a lot on budget. If you have a good budget, then you could go for an exhaust which is great in qualily. We know that good money can get a good product.


Well, purpose means what would you expect from the exhaust that you are going to install in your Mustang. Most of the Mustang owners typically install for two main reasons; 1. to get a better sound while driving and  2. to improve sound and performance together. 


Stainless steel or aluminized: Exhaust is typically made of stainless steel or various grades of aluminized steels. Sometimes they are made of these combined materials. The price of a stainless steel made exhaust is higher than an aluminized made exhaust.


Warranty is an important factor that you should think about while installing an exhaust system in your car. A reputed brand or company always cares about their customer and provides a good period of warranty. So, check all the detailed terms and conditions of warranty of the products. You should be more careful about warranty while you are getting one from an online store. Also check for a return policy in case you have to return it. 


Durability is a vital matter for the exhaust. Only good material does not make a good exhaust system. The combination of great material and good construction can make a perfect exhaust system.

Heat absorption capacity:

Stainless steel and aluminium are different types of material and their heat absorption capacity is different. So, you need to keep in mind what exhaust you are getting and what could absorb what level of heat. It is always better to get one which has good heat absorption capacity. In this case, stainless steel is the better option.


It’s totally up to you. How you want to look it in your car or how stylish you are. You know better how your car looks. A smart looking exhaust makes a lot of difference to your Mustang. Some exhaust will give classy look and other give aggressive look.

Price matters:

It really does. You could have $500 for this exhaust or you could have $3000. The matter is that you should check for the price and adjust it with your budget. Get the best one within your budget.