Top 3 best Zinc Strip for roof Protection from Algae, Moss, Fungus & Mildew

Zinc strip is ideal to use for roof protection. We worked to find some premium quality strips that are made from high quality zinc for better roof protection. Check these products and get yours.

1. Zinc Strip Moss Preventer for Roof by Legend

This zinc strip size is 25/8″ Wide and the roll length is 50 feet. This zinc strip helps to protect from new moss, algae, lichen, fungus and mildew that forms on wood and composite shingles and flat tile roofs.

2. Zinc Armor for Roofs by RotoMetals

This strip size is 3 inch wide. Per roll contains 50 feet long strip. This will help to prevent from algae, moss, fungus and mildew. This is an ideal product for DIY and professional roofer. The zinc strip is made in USA.

3. Six inch wide Zinc Roof Armor Strip by RotoMetals

This one is also from RotoMetals but the size is different. This strip is 6 inch wide with 50 feet long strip. If you have a long roof run wider than 3 inch up to 6 inch, this one is perfect for you.

Where to buy Zinc Roof Armor Strip

You can buy this from any hardware store near you. But another convenient way is to buy from online. We have selected these 3 best quality zinc strip as the roof protector. So, you can pick any one of them according to your requirements.