10 Best Waterproof Shower Clock Brands – Reviews & Buying Guide

If you are aware about time you are spending in shower or you are getting late for your work while you are taking shower, you need a clock in your bathroom. But ordinary clock might get damaged soon if get wet by water. So, you need a waterproof clock that will let you know the time accurately.

Getting the best waterproof shower clock or timer would be time consuming for you as you have to check every features for every brands. We made it easy for you. Here is a list for you to get a good one for you. We have arranged them according to their quality, durability and popularity by users.

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Most of them will show you time along with temperature, indoor humidity and knock you with alarm.

Some Best Waterproof Shower Clock Brands For Your Bathroom

1. KADAMS Digital Bathroom Shower Clock

Kadams is one of the trusted names who make bathroom clocks with the premium material. That’s why these clocks last for a long time. This waterproof clock is loaded with many features that will amaze you. The clock is suitable for use in bathroom, shower and kitchen areas with a splash proof rating.

The updated design is featured with low battery indicator will appear on LCD screen when battery power lower than 2.75 volt. It has timer with total countdown up to 99 minutes. The display show 12 or 24 hours which can be switchable.

The alarm is loud enough which won’t also be noisy for your ears. Those who have mild hearing issues will not have problem getting the alarm. It shows indoor temperature in two different modes: Celsius and Fahrenheit (you can switch that you prefer). The temperature range is between 0°C-50°C and 32°F-122°F.

Toothbrush Timer is an excellent tool for motivating children to brush their teeth. This touch timer will undoubtedly help with the development of healthy habits in your children. It also inspires you to brush for 2 to 3 minutes, with an alarm when you’re done. Adult supervision is necessary here.

Various mounting options are available to use this clock in different places. It comes with suction cup to use on window, glass, granite, and mirror or on stainless surface.

Avoid using suction cups on tiles since they are typically ineffective due to the material of the tiles. When using the suction cup mounting method, avoid moving the clock timer and check the suction on a regular regular basis to make sure it is secure.

Regular glass is less durable than a shatterproof PMMA acrylic plastic screen. This means that, in comparison to glass, the clock screen is tougher to crack into little sharp pieces. For better vision it has eye friendly LCD green display. You can see the screen clearer than ever. It needs only two new AAA Alkaline batteries.

2. BALDR Bathroom LCD Waterproof Shower Clock

If you are looking for a suitable sized shower clock then this would be a perfect choice. You can use this waterproof clock in wet areas like the bathroom or kitchen. The clock has IP24 splash-proof rating. So, you can surely use this clock to keep track of time in the shower

By tapping the touch buttons on the front of your clock, you may set the timer alarm. You can adjust the alarm’s duration in one-minute duration or in 10-minute duration. At the end of the countdown, the timer will beep. The total timer on the countdown clock can reach 99 minutes.

The time, temperature, and indoor relative humidity values are all displayed on one easy-to-read screen on this LCD clock. The temperature can be displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius, and the time can be displayed in 12 or 24-hour modes.

Your new clock can be freestanding on any flat surface thanks to several mounting options, making it ideal for your vanity, nightstand, desk, table, or shelf. The clock can also be fixed on the wall. The included suction cup can also be used to attach the clock to any non-porous surface. The clock measures 4.16″x 0.66″x 4.32″ and is powered by two AAA batteries.

3. Dretec Digital Timer Waterproof Shower Clock

Dretec is a Japanese company that has created this digital shower clock. It has an IPX7 water resistance grade, which ensures it can resist water for more than 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter. It can be used as a watch as well as a timer. With just one button, you can switch the timer to a clock. It has a large display and is simple to use.

This clock’s timer can work for up to 99 minutes and 50 seconds. The timer contains three easily adjustable buttons. The alarm sounds for 15 seconds before turning off on its own. It has both a 12 and a 24 hour clock. You have complete control over the hour format and can change it whenever you want.

The clock’s exterior features a magnetic back, retractable stand, and a hanging hook. The clock’s long-lasting lithium battery lasts for at least a year. The clock is included with the battery. There are two color options for this version: silver and black.

4. Ken-Tech Sonnet Water Resistant Atomic Shower Clock

This atomic clock is split-second accurate and automatically sets itself using a radio signal broadcast from Colorado’s National Time Observatory. It includes a big suction cup with a unique locking action that allows it to stick to any flat surface, such as a wall, tile, or mirror, saving space.

3/4 of a digit high, with month, date, and day of the week displayed as well. The cabinet of the clock is 3.5 inches in diameter and has a round shaped diameter. This clock runs on one AA battery (not included).

5. Water-Resistant Bathroom Shower with Superior Quartz Movement

This clock has been upgraded to a Youngtown premium clock movement for precise timekeeping and has a new easy-to-read clock face. It is waterproof, so you can hang it in the shower, put it in the bathroom, or use it outside without worrying of it becoming wet.

Use the provided nylon rope to hang it in your shower and use the attached ring to hold your washcloth, or use the built-in stand to set it anywhere. It is powered by a single AA battery (not included) and can be placed anywhere without the need for electrical connections or finding a power outlet.

This could be the appropriate clock for you if you want to use it in the bathroom as well as other areas. When you’re taking a shower, use the provided PVC line to hang the clock from the showerhead or a towel rack, and use the base ring in the shower to hang a face towel. You can take it out of the bathroom when you’ve finished showering. It’s quite simple.

6. Waterproof Bathroom Clock and Timer for Shower

This clock is water resistant and you can use it in a wet shower room. It can stand on a table or be easily hung on a bathroom wall or mirror. It is really easy to hang it with rope outside in the patio or yard.

You can use the touch buttons on the front to set timer. This stylish digital suction cup clock timer has thermometer and hygrometer function which will let inform you some extra information. Use the button “TIME” to start setting time. Press “TIME” button once to change the hour format between 12 or 24 hours.

With its large, bold digits, you can easily read the display even from across the room. This handy clock can also be used to keep time for slow cooking, slow roasting, or barbecuing. It has a range of settings from 99 minutes to 1 minute.

7. Atomic Bathroom Digital Alarm Clock with Suction Cup

Buying an atomic bathroom clock is a simple way to know the exact time while having a shower. This waterproof shower clock includes all of the same features as other clocks. The front of the clock has a clear display on which you can see the current time, date, and day in digital format. The controls for adjusting the date and time settings are located on the back side of the device.

To make easy contact with the bathroom wall, a suction cup is attached to the back side. Aside from that, this clock offers one outstanding feature. It gets updated radio signals from the National Time Observatory and uses them to display very accurate data for date, month, and time.

Its suction cup makes it simple to stick to a bathroom wall, tile, or mirror. Its round shape is not only beautiful, but it also saves room. It comes in a lovely white color that will blend in well with your bathroom walls.

8. BALDR LCD Waterproof Shower Clock for Bathroom

This square shaped digital clock is waterproof. So, you don’t need to be worried about using it in a wet bathroom. It has a time display with large digits so you can easily check the time while showering or applying make-up. In addition, the temperature is displayed. You can modify the temperature of your water to make it hotter or cooler. You can see the relative humidity in your bathroom thanks to the humidity display.

The clock features an easy-to-read LCD display that shows the time in a bigger format. The clock’s screen is made of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) glass, which makes it much harder to break into little sharp pieces. This clock comes with three mounting options. It may be placed on any flat surface, mounted on a wall with suction cups, or hung on a hook.

9. Large Waterproof Bathroom Shower Clock

If you are looking for a large version of waterproof clock for your bathroom, then this is the one you want. It is 6.8 inches in size. This sturdy built clock looks smart. It has a few mounting systems. You can use the strong suction cups in the shower or on other glass, or you can hang it on a hook as it has a mounting hole. You also can use the table stand option. The screen is easy to read and gives you date, time, and indoor temperature.

10. Bathroom Clock with Digital Thermometer

This elegantly designed clock is blend with classic and digital look. The clock is stainless splash proof aluminum frame resistant to high temperatures and increased humidity. It has integrated thermometer with digital temperature display. It has four heavy-duty suction cups for securing it to smooth surfaces. The frame is 6.7 inches wide. So, it’s pretty large.

Buying Guide: Things to consider buying a waterproof shower clock

When choosing a shower clock, there are various factors to consider. Do you want to know how hot or how humid it is in your bathroom? Do you need to set an alarm or set a time limit for your shower? We’ve listed a few key features to consider when purchasing a shower clock for your bathroom.

We’ve done the best we can with our opinions and recommendations, but it’s still critical that you conduct your own research before purchasing any shower clock. The following are some examples of possible questions:

  • Is it worthwhile to get a shower clock?
  • What are the advantages of purchasing a shower clock?
  • What factors should you think about while looking for a good shower clock?
  • Why Why is it so important to buy a shower clock, let alone the greatest one?
  • In the current market, which shower clock is the best?
  • Where can you obtain information about shower clock like this?

We are confident that you have many more questions about Shower Clock than these, and the only way to fully satisfy your curiosity is to gather information from as many credible web sources as possible.

Buying recommendations for shower clocks, rating websites, word-of-mouth testimonials, internet forums, and product reviews are all possible sources. To ensure that you get your hands on the best-possible shower clock, you must conduct thorough and thoughtful research.

Temperature Indicator: Have you ever wondered how hot your bathroom truly gets when you’re showering? A built-in thermometer is included in the greatest shower clocks. They can measure the temperature inside a building. As a result, if you want to monitor the temperature in your toilet, you should invest in a model that can measure temperature and tell you how hot it is. Fortunately, this feature is available on the majority of the goods on our list.

Display of Humidity: Do you realize that, in addition to monitoring interior temperatures with a shower clock, you can also monitor space humidity? Many newer models come with built-in hygrometers to let you measure the relative humidity in your toilet. If you want to achieve this, make sure you buy a model that is designed to demonstrate it clearly.

Waterproof: The capacity to endure at least water sprays is a basic requirement for any shower clock. You shouldn’t have to be concerned about water splashing damaging the clock. You must purchase a model that can withstand water to a reasonable degree.

Timers and Alarms: Another thing to think about is whether the clock has alarm and timer capabilities. You’ll be able to keep better track of how much time you spend in the bathroom this way. It’s also a fantastic idea to schedule bath time for youngsters and other family members who aren’t too aware with how bills work.

Timer: Another highly useful feature is the timer. When you’re in a rush or there are other people who need to use the bathroom, it’s a good idea to keep your shower time to a minimum. As a result, a shower clock with a timer should be seriously considered.

Budget: Budget is crucial; if it weren’t for the budget, wouldn’t everyone choose the most expensive option? However, before deciding on a budget, we recommend making a list of the features you’ll require. Is there any purpose in buying something if a feature you really want isn’t available in your price range?

Our advice is to make sure the product has all of the features you require before deciding on a budget. If the product you’ve picked lacks all of the features you require, consider increasing your budget.

Value for Money: There will be instances when you come across a variety of greatest shower clocks that have all of the characteristics you require. However, there will be a price variation. In this circumstance, it’s a good idea to value each feature and make sure you’re not overpaying for something you won’t use.

Brand, Customer Support, & Warranty: It is critical to get a product from a well-known brand. It not only ensures a high-quality build, but it also provides considerably superior customer service.

Make sure it comes with a solid guarantee; it’ll come in handy if the device breaks down due to production flaws. Repairs are also usually free during the guarantee period (depends on service terms).

Shower Clock Brand Value: Each shower clock brand has its own distinct value. Most brands have some form of unique selling proposition that sets them apart from their competition.

Ease of Operation: We advise you to avoid clocks that emit loud ticking and turning sounds; unless you don’t mind a clattering clock. If you do, you’ll want to look for clocks that can operate silently. Because you’re going into uncharted land, a guide will come in helpful. As a result, we recommend that you check to see if the product is simple to use.

Options for Mounting: The more mounting choices a clock offers, the more versatile it may be. Most clocks, for example, can be hung on the wall or set on a stand. Some, on the other hand, go a step further and allow you to attach it to the wall with a suction cup. Products with all of these features are more versatile than those with only one mounting option.

What is Waterproof Clock?

A waterproof clock is designed to look like a regular watch, but both its external and internal components are resistant to water intrusion. Water resistance can be achieved by both mechanical and digital watches, as previously stated.

This type of watch can be used as a waterproof fitness tracker, a triathlon watch, or a stopwatch that can be used underwater with no issues. The water pressure limit of any watch is determined by its water-resistant depth rating.

Waterproof vs. Water-Resistant Clocks

Water-resistant things are frequently misunderstood, while waterproof items are commonly misunderstood as the same thing. These definitions, on the other hand, are vastly different. I’d show you how to use a water-resistant and waterproof watch.

  • Water-resistant: This refers to the watch’s ability to keep water out to some extent but not totally. Because there’s still a danger that water will harm this watch, it should only be worn near light and shallow water.
  • Waterproof: When a watch is waterproof, it completely prevents water penetration and eliminates all threats of water intrusion. Because it can be submerged in water and still function, this watch is considered far safer than water-resistant watches.

Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Shower Clock

Can a Shower Clock Helps Saving Water?

What technology do you believe is lacking or may be handy in your own time when you glance around your bathroom? A shower clock, sometimes known as a shower timer, is a device that keeps track of how much water you use and/or how long you spend in the shower, and then remind you when it’s time to turn off the water. Shower clocks are essential when you consider how they can assist you in a variety of ways.

They can first assist you with your morning routine. Shower clocks can help you limit your time in the bathroom and become more aware of how much time (and water) you are wasting, as it is easy to slip off track from your schedule. A shower clock can also help you conserve energy and money by reducing the amount of water you use.

Even if they are not using the shower at the time, many people enjoy letting it run. With a shower clock, you’ll be more likely to use the shower water efficiently throughout the allowed time. As a result, more people are able to conserve water and lower their utility expenditures. The shower clock can be used anywhere, not just in the bathroom. They can be used to monitor other things in your daily routine in your bedroom or over the sink in your kitchen.

Which shower clock radio is the best?

Prunus J-288 clock radio is one of the best shower clock radios on the market, with great AM/FM reception, headphone jack, hands-free calling, power-saving battery, and brilliant clock display.

Which shower clocks are the best?

KADAMS Large Digital Bathroom Shower Wall Clock, Waterproof for Water Spray, Temperature Humidity, Moisture Proof, Water Resistant, Calendar Month Date Day, Suction Cups Hole Stand Rope Clock – Silver is the top choice, according to our study.

What is a waterproof shower clock?

As the name implies, this is a bathroom clock with a protective top cover that prevents water from entering. However, this translates to being employed in the water. No, it can only prevent minor splashes from occurring when showering.

How to put on a hanging shower clock?

If your clock comes with a robe, all you have to do now is hang it somewhere on the wall, even on a towel hanger. If it has suction power, though, press it against the wall and it will attach to it.

Which is the cheapest yet powerful best shower clock?

Shower Radio Bluetooth Speaker 5.0, CIYOYO Waterproof Wireless Bathroom Dab Music with Suction Cup FM Microphone 10 Hours LCD Clock Display SD Card Playing Free Call for iPhone is, in our opinion, one of the most cost-effective solutions available.

Final Thoughts

If you want to buy a shower clock, you have a number of options to choose from. With all of the information offered in our guidebook, you should be able to make an informed decision. Whether you get a clock that merely shows the current time or a shower clock with an alarm feature, you’ll never be late again after a shower.