Top 10 Best Waterproof Digital Clocks for Shower – Reviews

If you are aware about time you are spending in shower or you are getting late for your work while you are taking shower, you need a clock in your bathroom.But ordinary clock might get damaged soon if get wet by water. So, you need a waterproof clock that will let you know the time accurately. Here is a list for you to get a good one for you. Most of them are will show you time along with temperature, indoor humidity and knock you with alarm.

1. KADAMS Digital Waterproof Clock with Alarm

This one is from Kadams. This clock is ideal for bathroom and kitchen. It has two types of time format 12 hours and 24 hours. The clock is featured with loud alarm sounding, countdown timer, indoor humidity and temperature meter in Celsius and Fahrenheit.2. BALDR New Design Wall Mountable LCD Waterproof Timer Shower Clock Bathroom ClockBaldr presents this waterproof shower clock that has alarm, timer which can be done through touch button. It has different time format and can read and show temperature and humidity. This clock can be mounted in wall by a hook or using the strong suction cup on smooth surface wall, glass, tile, or mirror.

3. Waterproof Digital Bathroom Shower Clock with big LCD Display

This one has big LDC display and 120° visual angel of view. It can display time, date temperature and relative humidity indoor in one screen at the same time.4. Waterproof Bathroom Shower Clock

This one is as same is the previous one. But the design is different. All features are almost same just as the previous one. It has LDC display and 120° visual angel of view and can display time, date temperature and relative humidity indoor in one screen at the same time. Easily mountable on wall and mirror.5. Bathroom Clock with Digital Thermometer

  1. This elegantly designed bathroom clock is splash proof and integrated thermometer with digital temperature display. The clock includes four heavy-duty suction cups for secure fixing on any even surfaces.6. Clock With Loud Alarm and Timer by Hito
  2. You can use this clock in your bathroom, kitchen or wherever you want as it has a hanger. This is waterproof, so you don’t need to be worried while you are using it in bathroom. Featured with time and date, timer, indoor temperature etc. Apart from hanger, it has other two placing options; you can mount it on wall or can set it on your desk or table.7. LCD Waterproof Shower Clock by BALDRThis one is from BALDR but this one is much popular and has many customer reviews. The display shows time, temperature and indoor humidity readings all together. This clock is perfect for use in the shower or next to the sink in kitchen.8. Atomic Bathroom Digital Alarm Clock With suction cup White
  3. This digital alarm clock receives updated radio signals from the National Time Observatory to display the data for date, month and time with high accuracy. Its suction cup allows for easy attaching to the bathroom wall, tile or mirror.9. LCD Bathroom Shower Clock by Hito
  4. This LCD click weight is 380 gram. It displays time(12/24hr), date, week and temperature. But it does not have alarm option. It has multiple mounting systems.10. T-4660 Water Resistant Suction Cup Atomic Clock by Sonnet
  5. This one hits in our number one position because it received huge number of positive reviews by customers. It shows accurate time as it receives signals automatically from the National Time Observatory in Colorado. It requires only one AA size battery. It has a large suction cup with unique locking action to hold on any smooth surface like wall, tile or mirror for space saving.