Top 10 Best Digital Illuminance Light Meters Online Reviews

Light meters are a must have for any electrician or photographer. They measure the amount of light. Below are some of the best light meters.

10. GoerTek Digital Luxmeter Illuminance Meter Handheld Actionometer
This meter comes with the performance of fast measurement speed. The meter has LDC display and one 9 volt battery is included with it. Multifunctional “MODE” button allows you to select the measurement unit in Lux or Fc. The Measure Range: 0.1 ~ 200,000 Lux / 0.01 ~ 20,000 Fc. The auto measuring range is 200 Lux. There are three types of measuring modes: Normal, Average and Max.

9. EA33 Easy View Light Meter with Memory By Extech
This light meter has the highest intensity light measurements up to 99,990Fc/999,900Lux.  It also features a large LCD display with advanced illuminance functions and features. Great Wide measurement range to 99,990 Fc (999,900 Lux) with resolution of 0.001 Fc and 0.01 Lux. It also contains Luminous intensity (candela) calculations. You can Store and recall up to 50 measurements, includes relative or real time clock stamp.

This light meter also comes with a built-in stand, light sensor and protective cover with 36-inch (0.9-meter) coiled cable, protective holster, 6 AAA batteries; it also contains carrying case and a very useful user manual. Model EA33-NIST is also available with a NIST traceable Certificate of Calibration.

8. Digital Illuminance Lux Light Meter with LCD Display By Dostyle
This light meter has a range of 0.1 ~ 200,000 Lux and 0.01 ~ 20,000 Fc. The digital light meter will allow you to measure the lighting anywhere weather it’s school, office, industry, warehouse, laboratory etc. It has a very high and Rapid Response: Accuracy: ±4%, Resolution: 0.1Lux / 0.01Fc, Measurement speed: 2 times / second. Unit: Lux and Fc. It also has a very large display 3 Measuring Modes for you to choose: normal, average, max. Data hold function helps you hold the LCD reading.

The power supply is also amazing the lux meter is powered by one 9V battery (Included). Auto power off without operation (about 15 minutes), low power consumption.

7. Digital Luxmeter Illuminance Light Meter Handheld Actionometer Foot Candle Meter By Gorektek
This light meter comes with a High Accuracy (±4%) with LCD Display One 9V Battery Included Range 0.1 – 200,000 Lux/0.01 – 20,000 Fc. It has a great operative environment 14 to 122℉, 10% ~ 90%RH. It has a really fast measurement speed which is 2 times / second.The Auto Measuring Range is 200 Lux, which can be selectable by you. The Manual Range is 200 → 2000 → 20000 → 200000 → Auto 200 (Lux).

It also has great measurement modes normal, Average and Max. LCD Reading which hold the current measurement data. Another great features it has is Low Power of Battery Detecting, Power Supply by one 9V Battery (Included). Auto Power Off is after approx. 15 minutes. Simply a great light meter that can be used very effectively.

6. 881C Digital Illuminance/Light Meter with Peak Hold By Holdpeak
This light meter is a Lux/FC Unit, data hold and backlight Range can be Up to 200,000 Lux which is the highest accurate luminometer available! (CE, ISO, ROHS, GMC). It ranges from 0.1 – 400,000Lux;0.01 – 20,000 FC. This meter also has a High Accuracy and rapid response and Auto Zeroing.

The meter also has Over-range indication, Unit and Sign display which makes it a very easy reading. It has thedata hold & peak-data hold switches, low power consumption and also short rise and fall time which is very useful. This product also has a 1 Year Warranty. So if you are looking for a good light meter for use look no farther.

5. Digital Light/illuminance Meter By Mooncity
This light meter has 0.1 – 200000 Lux Luxmeter Tester LCD Display Precise (Black + Orange). This light meter is a very high quality product it has High Accuracy and rapid response, Auto Zeroing. It can be measure in Lux or FC. Also it’s very easy for reading. It has a measure range and display of 0.1Lux~200,000Lux; 0.01FC~20,000FC. 3 1/2 digits LCD display maximum display value 1999.

It has a data hold and peak which includes data hold switches, Low power consumption, Short rise and fall time. You can use this product very extensively this light meter  are used in the general field of lighting, where they can be used to help to reduce the amount of waste light used in the home, light pollution outdoors, and plant growing to ensure proper light levels. It comes with a 2 year warranty every MoonCity Light meter comes with 2 years warranty against any defect in our premium materials and high quality workmanship.

4. Digital Lux Meter LX1010B Light Meter with LCD Display Range up to 100,000 By Mooncity

This light meter has excellent Display a 3-1/2 digit 18 mm LCD. It ranges from 0 – 100,000 Lux. It has excellent accuracy. It also has a Sampling rate of 0.4 second. It has great power as well as it uses 9 V battery. It has a great LCD display. It is also very highly accurate and responsive.

It also has auto zeroing and over range indication. It features a great data memory as well. This light meter also has very low battery alert which is very extremely useful in many situations. This light meter has great functions and benefits for anyone who is in need of this product.

3. New Sekonic L-308DC-U Digicinemate Lightmeter By Sekonic
This light meter has great Calibration Compensation just adjust the L-308DC to film or digital camera sensors or matching the L-308DC to other handheld meters. It also has great custom settings three custom settings tune meter operations and displays to fit your camera and metering requirements. It also have a great Illuminance Measurement the Lux (lx) and foot-candle (fc) display is especially used for cinematography among other things, theatrical and other applications that require precise control of light source brightness. Either no display, lux or foot-candle is selectable.

Sekonic will also be offering a distinctive rubber “skin” free of charge for customers who register their meters on Sekonic within 30 days of purchase.

Overall this is a great light meter for various reasons.

2. Digital Illuminance Light Meter lux meter with LCD Display By Leaton
This light meter has a range of 0.1~200,000 Lux, 0.01~20,000Fc.This digital light meter will allow you to measure the lighting in an area properly. This digital light meter uses a 9V battery (not included); it is Accurate up to 200,000Lux +/- 5%. Resolution: 0.1Lux / 0.01Fc, Accuracy: ±4%, measurement speed: 2 times / second, units: Lux & Fc.

This light meter also has a feature of Hold function, Auto range & Manual range, Auto Power OFF: After approx.15 minutes. It also has a very Low power of battery detecting, operating environment: 14 to 122℉ (-10 to 50℃), 10%~90%RH. So if you are looking for a light meter with accurate measurements this is the thing for you.

1. LX1330B Digital Illuminance Light Meter by Dr. Meter
This light meter is a 4-Range: 0/200/2,000/20,000/200,000 Lux. It has very high accuracy and rapid response, Auto Zeroing. The light meter is also Over-range indication, Unit and Sign display that helps for easy reading. The meter also has Data Hold & Peak-Data hold switches, Low power consumption; Short rise and fall time which is very useful.

This product also has a 1 year warranty. It’s very useful if you are an electrician or in the lighting business. This is a must have as the electrical code mandates how much illumination certain areas of a building must have. With this device you can also determine how different light fixture compares when used in the same space.