Ten Best Spiderman Fidget Spinners Review

Spiderman is one of the most trending and famous superhero both in movie and comic. And also there is no doubt that fidget spinner is another trending and hot today all over the world that got viral in a short span of time. These two trending facts have given a new thing – Spiderman Fidget Spinner. Yes, you can’t imagine how many types of spinners are now available with the features and look with Spiderman. Toy makers are really talent and they brought almost all possible features and designs into fidget spinners so that every Spiderman lover who also loves fidget spinner can grab one of them. You probably have watched all movie of Spiderman that has been released. Most of the fidget spinners follow the movie trends along with the color and costume theme. When you will keep reading this very special article about Spiderman fidget spinner, you will be able to recall all those movie you already watched.

Spiderman Fidget Spinner Plastic Body

This one is very basic but a good one. This may reminds you the first movie of spider man released. When he discovered that he got a special ability just like a spider. If you are getting a fidget spinner for the first time, you may feel very special with this one as you will just start over to spin with the feelings of Spiderman. The size is small yet handy. You can easily carry this with you. The average spinning time is two minutes and perfect for both adults and kids.

Spiderman Metal Fidget Spinner

Metal fidgets are kind of heavy and with better and longer smooth spinning. This Spiderman zip spinner has alloy body with premium bearing that can allow you spin it with ultra speed just like the way Spiderman chase a criminal. This can be spinning up to 5 minutes. The weight is about 2.9 ounces. Recommended age to use this spinner is 8 years and above. The quality is very good and this would be a perfect gift for your kids and friends who love spinning.

Round Shaped and Metal Spiderman Hand Spinner

This unique spinner will amaze you for sure. This is made of metal and has a ceramic bearing for smooth spinning. It will come with a rounder zipper case. You can spin this at least 3 minutes and up to 6 minutes. The size and weight is much convenient and you can carry it in your pocket.

Fidget Spinner Spiderman Homecoming Black

Did you like the black costume of Spiderman? And if must be much happier if you get a black version of Spiderman fidget spinner. And not only that, the shape is different and it spins so well. It has a box to keep it safe and carry with you.

Fidget Spinner Spiderman Homecoming Red

And this one is Spiderman Homecoming Red version. As same as the black one but this one is red. So, if you like homecoming version but red, this one is for you.

Spiderman Homecoming Fidget Spinner with Light and SounD

This must bring the ultimate happiness as this one got round shape and they named it homecoming version. So, this is completely a new version of Spiderman fidget spinner. Not only that, it is super durable because it has alloy metal body and very high quality R188 bearing. There is a case with the spinner and a key chain will come with it as bonus.  And finally it has lights and sound. So, whenever you will spin it, it will glow and spread some music. You can spin this up to more than 3 minutes. This hero spinner is really fantastic.

Spiderman Tri-Spinner Hand Toy
You will definitely love this because of the design printed on it. It got a unique look. Well, you don’t need to be impressed only by its look. The quality is also good and has metal bearing for smooth and balanced spinning.

Spiderman black fidget spinner with new look
This one more like supervillain and it will obsess you a bit more. If you are conscious about different look yet super heroic supermanned spinners, check this out. I bet you can’t ignore this one.

Spiderman red fidget spinner with new look
If you can’t suit yourself with the black version, here is the red one with same look and same features. There are some other variations with these very unique designs.

Spiderman red fidget spinner with LED light and Bluetooth Speaker
Days are getting more stylish with gadgets. What happens if you make your fidget spinner plays music for you with your smart phone? Yes, that’s now possible. This fidget spinner has lights and a speaker that you can connect with your phone and then simply enjoy music that you can play from your phone. So, you will enjoy couple of things together. You can enjoy spinning, different colors of lighting and music. So, lets the party on with fidget spinning.