The Emoji Movie Collectable Figures – Some Best Collections

The Emoji Movie is an animated movie of 2017. When a movie releases the collectables are also lands in the market. This is a movie about emoticons or emoji we use all the time we chat or in social media with our friends. Now they are all live characters in a movie. Good news is that you can get them as collectable figures which will make you more happy. Here are some fantastic collectables from this movie. Happy chatting? Oooops….happy collecting !!!!

The Emoji Movie Collectable Figures Set of Five Characters

This is a set of five characters of the animation movie The Emoji Movie. You will get five most popular characters figure in this awesome set. The characters are Gene, Poop, Hi5, Smiler and Jailbreak.

Poop – The Emoji Movie collectable figure by Just Play

Poop is one of the main characters of this movie and this cool collectable articulated figure might be adding extra happiness to your collectable team.

Gene – The Emoji Movie collectable figure by Just Play

Gene is another prime character of the Emoji Movie. And you can get this fun character if love to collect figures. You will surely be happy to keep this articulated figure in your collection.

Hi5 – The Emoji Movie collectable figure by Just Play

Want to give a high five to someone who is himself is Hi5? Yes, this is now so true. This is a real fun character from the movie The Emoji MovieGet your Hi5 plush doll to give him a high five.

Soft Plush Gene –  The Emoji Movie collectable figure

This is the soft plush version of Gene. You surely will love this lot. She is super cute and soft. Above all, this is the original Emoji Movie Plush GENE. Just play is the official toy producer of The Emoji Movie. So, if you are getting any collectable from them, you are getting the original one.

Jailbreak – The Emoji Movie collectable Articulated figure

Another best collectable figure from The Emoji Movie. Just add them to your collection and he won’t break your heart.